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Learn Necessary Driving Skills & Knowledge

There will come a time when you will need to learn to drive, however it can be a scary and frustrating process. And at times, overwhelming. Driving schools Adelaide take a structured approach to teaching all the necessary driving skills and knowledge before you’re ready to drive on your own. In driving schools Adelaide, there are two types of approaches, the Competency Based Training & Assessment (CB&T) or commonly known as Log Book training and the VORT. The basic idea behind this approach is to go through a list of tasks, which will improve your driving skills and ensure that you learn all the necessary schools in driving schools Adelaide. Once you complete the task, the task gets checked off. Eventually you will arrive at the final tasks, after which you are eligible for the driving assessment. This type of approach is available by all driving schools Adelaide.

The Competency Based Training & Assessment at Driving school Adelaide consist of several sections, each of which teach you something different but related to driving. The following will be included in your assessment.

  1. Basic driving procedures – This will include changing gears, steering, starting and shutting the engine, moving off the kerb, stopping and securing the vehicle, and finally a review of all the basic driving procedures.

  2. Slow speed manoeuvres – This section will consist of moving away up hill, a 3-point turn and U-turn, reverse parallel parking, and a review towards the end of the list of tasks.

  3. Basic road skills – This typically involves testing your ability to handle yourself on the road, and will include turning at corners, negotiating traffic lights, switching lanes, diverging into lanes, and your positioning on the road.

  4. Traffic management – This requires more advanced skills, and can involve handling your vehicle in a roundabout, driving during the night, turning in traffic and U-turns, and more.

  5. Final review – This will be a review of points 1 through 4 to ensure you are properly ready for the driving assessment.

Most  schools Adelaide are efficient when it comes to teaching the required driving skills, they give the option of choosing your learning process by offering CBT&A or VORT. One of which is required to receive your driver’s license. The Competency Based Training & Assessment at driving schools Adelaide is one of the best there is, especially ASM Driving School. They have grown to become a well-known driving school Adelaide and is proud to assist many new people in developing the skills they need.

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