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Driver's Licence

A driver’s licence means you can getwherever you need to go whenever itsuits you. This can open up a whole world of opportunities.

Unless you live in the centre of a big city and have access to public transport, you need a driver’s license. It provides independence and a sense of freedom unlike anything else. If you are considering learning to drive, here are some of the benefits that might encourage you to start.

Say goodbye to public transport

With a  license you don’t have to rely on the bus or train to get to where you need to be. Not only is public transport slow, making commutes longer, it is not always reliable. It means you have to work your schedule around bus and train timetables. With a driver’s license, you can control when you leave and when you arrive. The knowledge of knowing you can go anywhere at any time without depending on public transport is a great feeling.

Your job may require you to have a driver’s license

If you live far from public transport, the only option you have to arrive at work will be by car. Do not put yourself in a position where certain jobs are denied you because you cannot drive. Some jobs specify that applicants have a driver’s license. Needless to say, driving jobs are out of the question if you don’t have one as are many others. Many jobs in sales, engineering and retail will require you to be mobile. If you do not have a driver’s license, many companies will not even consider your application.

Road trips

A driver’s license means you can take road trips. Whether you are young or old, road trips are a great way to see the country, take vacations and enjoy life. Heading out on the open road is a fantastic feeling. Having a driver’s license means you can arrange a trip whenever you like without having to organise train or air tickets. It opens up your social possibilities: has a friend invited you round for dinner? No problem, you can pop round straight away. With a driver’s license, you can be as spontaneous as you like.

Driving may not be as expensive as you think

Of course there are costs associated with driving but it doesn’t have to break the bank. A decent second hand car can be bought for a couple of thousand dollars. It may even save you money in the long run if you spend a lot of money on public transport and taxis. Think about carpooling to split the costs of petrol. Even if you can’t afford a car now, it’s good to have a license for when you can.

It means your parents are no longer a taxi service

Your parents may be willing to drive you to where you need to be, but consider the time and effort this requires of them. They cannot drive you round forever, so get your driver’s license and drive yourself – they will appreciate it almost as much as you will!

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