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Driving School For Parents

Learning to drive can be a nerve-wracking time for parents, whether it is their child who is learning, or the parent who is becoming the student. In either of these cases, parents will need to find driving schools that can work to their schedule, and be flexible about lesson times.

Australian School of Motoring are the flexible driving schools parents are looking for. With the ability to pick up learner drivers from the workplace, home or school, even in the Adelaide Hills, ASM driving schools instructors will be able to work around your schedule and get to you wherever you are.

Safety Is Important

One of the most important factors that parents will consider when looking at driving school is of course, safety. Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of those we care about, and at ASM we understand that. That’s why all the instructors at Australian School of Motoring driving schools are certified with state and national agencies for driver training, and have undergone police clearance. Parents can rest assured that their learner drivers are in safe hands while they are out on the road.

As well as certification and police clearance, instructors at ASM will always present their license on arrival at the first lesson with a new student, as well as checking the permit of the student themselves. Instructors will then take student to somewhere appropriately quiet and safe before putting them behind the wheel, to ensure that there is no urgency or rush for the student. Parents and students looking at driving schools will often have a preference as to whether they would prefer to deal with a male or female instructor, and at Australian School of Motoring we can cater to these needs with ease.

Safety Is Important

Driving School for Parents

Affordable And Cost Effective Lessons

Another crucial factor for parents considering driving schools is the cost of putting a learner driver through lessons and possibly testing. Parents are always juggling household costs, and we know that having children can be quite expensive. Australian School of Motoring can attest to their affordability, boasting cost effective lessons and a balance between getting the job done efficiently, and getting it done properly.

All instructors from good driving school should be understanding of anxiety from both parents and learner drivers, and Australian School of Motoring is certainly no exception. Our instructors will be reassuring and able to handle any nerves and anxious moments that could arise.

They will also be able to teach students to drive in either automatic or manual styles, depending on the preference of parents, and depending on what kind of cars the family has access to.

Parents are looking for driving schools

Lastly, Australian School of Motoring understands that when parents are looking for driving schools, they may have concerns about being able to track their own or their child’s progress. Our instructors will always sign their student’s log book at the end of every lesson, before booking the next lesson. Parents will always be able to tangibly track how a student is faring as they learn to drive.