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Log Book Method

A common process for learner drivers to earn their provisional licence is the ‘log book’ method, or Competence Based Testing (CBT). When looking for driving schools, it’s important to consider whether instructors will be able to provide this popular service. At Australian School of Motoring, all instructors are trained in the log book method, and familiar with the current processes involved.

To complete the log book method of gaining a provisional method, driving schools will conduct a series of lessons with the driving student, teaching different components of driving and then assessing each component as the student performs it properly. The instructors will record the student’s progress in a log book, and the student will be able to gain their provisional licence once all tasks have been witnessed and signed off by a certified instructor of the driving school.

Research conducted at driving schools across Australia has found that there is no significant difference in the abilities of students who have learned using the log book method, as opposed to those who have learned using the method requiring a test at completion.


Adelaide Driving School

Instructors Plan Each lesson For the Student

In fact, this driving schools research has found that often using the log book method works out to be a more cost effective way of gaining a provisional licence. Often in an effort to speed up and cheapen the process, students will elect to take the test rather than use the log book, and will end up failing their final test once or sometimes twice. This is a costly process to go through, and it’s been found that the process of steady completion of tasks used in the log book method is often a better route to choose.

Although no driving schools could tell anyone for certain how many lessons will be required when undertaking the log book method, Australian School of Motoring will always endeavour to assess the needs of students, and keep them informed of their progress along the way. Our instructors will plan each lesson specifically for the individual student, ensuring that they are always learning the most relevant and necessary of tasks as they travel through the process.

All good driving schools will tell you that the log book method is certainly less stressful than the alternative. With no major test to be worried about at the end of your set of lessons, students can rest at ease as they learn, and be assessed as they go while taking the time to conduct each task properly. At Australian School of Motoring, we take all the stress out of choosing a driving school, as well as taking the stress and excessive cost out of gaining your provisional licence.