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Driving School For Learners

Getting driver’s licence

Learning to drive is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Getting a driver’s licence opens up a world of freedom and possibilities! But it’s important to do it in a safe manner, learning from the best possible teachers at the best driving schools.

There are lots of driving schools operating in Adelaide, and not all of them are necessarily suited to every type of student. Learner drivers are often (but not always) young, sometimes anxious about learning a new skill, and always in need of a quality tutor to teach them the right things before they become certified to get on the road.

Australian School of Motoring driving schools instructors are both male and female, and with 14 instructors working for them, there is always someone available who will fit your preferences, and work with you to make you feel at ease as you undertake this exciting adventure.


Driving Schools
Driving Schools

ASM Understands Student’s Need

Some driving schools in South Australia have restrictions on locations for lessons, making it hard for people who have school, work or family commitments to attend. But at Australian School of Motoring, all instructors are willing to be flexible about where you need to be picked up when it’s time for your lesson. Whether you’re at school, home or work, your instructor can meet you anywhere in Adelaide, surrounding suburbs and even in the Adelaide Hills.

Along with this convenience, all good driving schools should understand a student’s need to work at their own pace. Learning to drive isn’t something to be rushed, so on your first lesson your instructor will assess your prior abilities and knowledge of road rules, and any driving experience you’ve had. They will then drive you to a quiet spot where you can comfortably swap places and get behind the wheel before you start to learn.

Automatic and Manual Cars in Good Condition

ASM driving schools are able to understand and handle any anxieties students may have about getting behind the wheel, because after all, learning any new skill can be a bit scary! Not all driving schools are equipped to be flexible about what kind of car you’d like to be trained in, but at Australian School of Motoring you will have your choice of automatic or manual cars, and all cars are in good condition and comfortable to use. Simply speak to an advisor about your preference when making your booking.

No driving schools would be doing their job correctly if they didn’t stay up to date with rules for learner drivers, and in July 2014 some changes were made to laws that all learners should be aware of. Drivers under the age of 25 must not drive high-powered vehicles, and must be aware of the restrictions on driving and carrying passengers between 12am and 5am. Instructors can direct learner drivers to find more information on these laws, and on passing the Hazard Perception Test when applicable.

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