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Defensive Driving Course

A driver doesn’t learn how to drive safely at least for a year after they’ve acquired their license. During this time it is essential that the driver develops the right habits to ensure their safety on the roads at all times. That is why the ASM driving school believes in the necessity of having drivers go through a defensive driving course.

What you will need

This course is only for those who already have their provisional or full driver’s license, in it entirely on driving safely on the road. Fresh drivers will be exposed to the following content listed below:

  • How negative and positive attitudes will affect driving as well as risk factors and vehicle crash statistics
  • How to read oncoming hazards on the road and learning to anticipate evasive action
  • The safe distances to stop the vehicle and everything else related to average reaction times of drivers to braking safely.
  • How to practice defensive driving and to judge safety margins accurately
  • Extensive drives that include heavy traffic conditions in the city as well as driving in the countryside
  • The course is conducted on a 1 to 1 basis (1 student with 1 instructor) for full focus and concentration

Defensive Driving CourseAs you can see, the aim of this course is to equip drivers with the knowledge to properly protect themselves in the event of an accident or how to avoid being involved in one. ASM focus will be on developing adequate behavior which benefits all drivers on the road as well as having a positive attitude and awareness of their surroundings.

Studies have shown that risk on the road is directly related to the level of skill that the person behind the wheel possesses. If the driver is able to judge a situation accurately and very quickly, they will be able to realize whether they should continue approaching or whether they should take evasive maneuvers immediately. It is all about preparing young drivers for a better driving experience that will last their entire lives.

This course also exposes them to the laws that apply to each driver which allows them to gain a better understanding of what they should or shouldn’t do while driving.

Other information you should know

Defensive Driving CourseCourse Duration: The course comprises of two sections; one theory session which lasts for 2 hours and one practical session that lasts for 3 hours with a half hour break in between.

Vehicles that will be used: Drivers can opt to use their own vehicle, otherwise they are free to drive any of the supplied automatic or manual vehicle of their choosing.

When does the course begin: For theory sessions, they are presented on a monthly basis but drivers who wish to take the practical sessions must make an appointment with one of the instructors directly.