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ASM Driving Schools Prices

Our hourly charge is $85, or $120 for 90 minutes.

VORT is not charged

Driving Tests

$185 to do test in students own car
$185 test in ASM car
$320 1 Hour lesson and test in ASM car

How To Pick The Best Driving School

Driving Schools PricesLearning to drive is that final piece of independence. No matter if you’re a teenager or adult, the prospect of being able to get out and do anything you want, when you want, is a fantastic feeling.

Whether finding a driving schools in Adelaide is for you or your teenager, you need to be certain that you are getting the highest quality of service, someone you feel safe with along with exceptional value for your money.


So just how do go about finding the right driving schools in Adelaide? Like most local services, your best and most reliable option is to ask friends and family. If you’re finding the driving school for your teenager, the likelihood is their friends are also learning to drive. If they’re enjoying it and doing well, why not get the contact details of their instructor and see if they’re available.

After getting your recommendations in, your next thoughts should focus on the new student. Are they confident? Nervous? Easily distracted? Too focused? Easily excitable? There will be such a wide variety of driving schools in Adelaide as to suit all driving student styles. If you don’t get on well with your driving instructor, you can be put off the exercise for life, wasting your time and money in the process.


You should find that most big name driving schools in Adelaide will cost their lessons keenly. Some will insist that you pay separately for each lesson, others may allow block bookings, giving you a little discount off each one when buying a minimum quantity.

Remember, as with a lot of services; the cheapest may not always be the best.  If they have a website, go and take a look, see if there are customer quotes and referrals being shown. Find out what is included within the cost. Do they offer flexible booking hours to suit your school or work life?  Do they offer extras included in the prince such as night or highway driving lessons or do you have to pay extra? 

Before you sign up, here are a few other tips for you to look into: Is your instructor of the highest, certified standard?  How long does each lesson last (do you get a full hour)? What type of car are you learning in (does it have all the relevant safety features?).

Finally, check out their refund and cancellation policies. Some driving schools in Adelaide may charge a small percentage of the lesson to cover cancelled lessons, especially if at short notice. You’ll also want to ensure you can rebook the lesson quite quickly with no penalty costs.

Remember, driving should be fun. If you follow the given instructions fully, correct any errors and behave safely and responsibly, you’ll be able to enjoy your car and your freedom for many years to come.