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Driving Instructors

Driving Instructors

Established and Reliable

Driving Instructors

The Australian School of Motoring (ASM) has been providing a high standard of driving instruction with established, reliable and qualified Driving Instructors for over 30 years.

When you book  ASM for your next driving lesson, you can be sure you’ll get the very best driving instructors, providing a controlled yet relaxed and safe environment for you to learn. Our fully trained and certified ASM are members of either the Australian Driver Trainers Association ADTA or the Professional Driver Trainers Association PDTA or both.

Our professional trainers provide a high standard of instruction, so you can have the confidence to obtain your driver’s license with the least possible stress. We understand that going for your driver’s license can be a big step, whether you have some experience behind the wheel of a car, or none at all.

The Australian School of Motoring's provide vehicles for your training and can arrange to pick you up from home, school or work, 7 days a week. If you happen to be a little nervous about driving, we understand. This can be a very normal reaction and our instructors certainly take this into consideration when planning your lessons.

They are licensed and can explain any of the certifications they might have. These endorsements could include CBT&A – Car -- only, or CBT&A – Car and VORT – Car -- combined.

Our staff will ask you about your previous driving experience, if any, and assess your level of knowledge of Australian road rules. From there you can proceed with your first lesson, usually on a quiet road to begin with. After each lesson, your trainer will record your driving time in your student’s Log Book, which will then go towards your target 75 hours.


Nothing beats this type of experience and nothing beats a high standard of instruction, to set you up for success. Our instructors team lay the very important foundations for your driving future. So when you get it right the first time you’ve got it right for life.

At the Australian School of Motoring, our professional driving instructors will:

  • Have a police clearances and all Licences required.
  • Design lessons to specifically suit you.
  • Create a relaxed yet controlled environment.
  • Give you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to gain confidence.
  • Guide you through the entire process of obtaining your Learners Permit.
  • Help you successfully complete the Vehicle On Road Test or (VORT).
  • Assist with Competency Based Training & Assessment or CBT&A (Log Book).
  • Sign off your Log Book forms.

Help you complete 75 hours of supervised driving in preparation for your Provisional Driver’s License.