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Safe Driving Tips

Learning to drive is an important time in your life, whether you’re young, or perhaps slightly more advanced in years. Learning to drive should be a fun and extremely informative experience giving you the skills and knowledge to drive safely in all environments. As a solo driver you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of driving conditions, so it’s very important you have a solid grounding in all the basics, along with as much time in a variety of real-world conditions as possible.

If you take your driving education seriously and love to learn as much as possible, you’ll certainly find these driving tips very helpful to keep you safer on the roads.

Driving Tips you should know

Driving Tips #1 - Know your vehicle

Before you even slip the keys into the ignition and start the vehicle you’ll be driving, it’s a good idea to make sure you know the vehicle. If it’s a new vehicle or one you haven’t driven very often, have a good look around and familiarise yourself with the controls. Make sure you know where the indicator and light switches are as well as windscreen wipers and anything else you may be required to use if driving conditions suddenly change. Check your rear-vision mirror and side mirror and adjust your seat so you’re in the right position, distance from the steering wheel and have a clear view in all directions – be aware of any blind spots.

Driving Tips #2 - Know where you’re going

It might sound basic, but it’s always a lot easier to drive from A to B if you know where you’re going and what route you’re going to take. If you’re heading somewhere new, have a look at a map and get an idea of the best way for you to go. If you find yourself in heavy traffic and you’re not sure where you’re going, it can be very dangerous. In this situation confidence is king! If you know where you have to turn or which lane you should be in, you’re less likely to hesitate, or make any sudden moves that might cause an accident. GPS systems can be very helpful if you have one but when you’re learning to drive -- old school can be the best school!

Driving Tips #3 – Keeping a good distance

Once you’re out on the road and travelling along at the legal speed limit, you’ll probably notice many other drivers have their own speed limit in mind. Don’t feel intimidated if someone wants you to go faster and equally, don’t get impatient if someone is going way too slow. It’s important to gauge what’s happening around you and always keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. If someone isn’t doing the same for you, try and move into another lane and let them pass. Around 30% of accidents are rear-ended crashes, so make sure you watch your distance.

Great driving tips are often very simple, but they’re really important to remember when you’re learning to drive – and you’re never too experienced for good driving tips!

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