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Learning to drive with ASM

Learning to drive with lessons rather than with a friend or relative has many advantages. We explain what the benefits are.

Learning to drive is a great experience. It gives you your first taste of the open road and hands you the keys to your freedom. It immediately opens new opportunities for travel, work and more. It is the moment at which you become independent. In short, it is an important step in anybody’s life. There are different ways to get your licence, and learning with lessons should always be a priority.

When learning to drive, do it properly

Leaning to drive is an important business. Learning to drive with lessons rather than learning with a parent or relative has many advantages. Even if your parents are skilled drivers, they don’t have the same ability to teach students to drive as a qualified instructor. Learning to drive with lessons means that you have expert tuition from a qualified professional who is not only an expert driver but is also familiar with teaching techniques. It is these techniques that allow faster progression and a better understanding of good driving.

We know the test inside out

Learning to drive with ASM means that you get an instructor who knows the test like the back of their hand. It’s an intimate understanding all aspects of the test that enables our students to pass with flying colours. Learning with lessons means you understand all the nuances of the test and you will be prepared for every eventuality. Even if your parents or friends teach you to drive very well, you may not be prepared for every element of the test, leaving you unprepared and in a position where you are bound to fail. Don’t make this mistake, learn to drive with lessons.


Good driving is safe driving

Being able to control a car to get from A to B is of course the main aim of learning to drive. But this is not the sole aim of a driving school, nor is it the sole aim of the test. It is critically important that you learn to drive safely. Learning to drive with ASM places your safety, and that of other road users, at the heart of every lesson. The simple reality is that learning with friends or family does not enable you to drive safely, even if you manage to pass the test. Learn with lessons and become a good and safe driver for life.

The reality is that driving schools exist for a reason. And that is because it takes skill, experience and training to teach somebody to operate a car safely and pass the test. It can be tempting to learn to drive with a friend or relative as it saves money, but it can cost you in other ways if it delays you getting your license and worse, if it means you becoming an unsafe driver. Always learn to drive with lessons and become a safe driver for life.

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