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Driving School Preparation

There are a variety of driving schools out there but it is not always easy knowing which driving school is best for you. Do you go for cost, reputation, recommendations from friends or the kind of cars they use? We help explain what makes a good driving school so you know what to look out for when doing your driving school preparation.

Online reviews

When doing your driving school reparation, always check reviews online. There may not be reviews for every driving school, but do a Google search and see what comes up. A key part of your driving school preparation should be to see what people are saying about each driving school. If the reviews are mostly positive, then you can put them in the maybe pile. If most are negative, you can discard immediately.

Recommendations from friends and family

Online reviews are one thing but talking to people who have used a particular driving school can be a great part of your driving school preparation. It is always best to hear what somebody has to say as they can reveal details about induvial instructors etc. and you can of course trust people you know who have first had experience. Consider using a driving school known to the family, as trust is an important part of learning to drive.

How old are their cars?

A crucial part of driving school preparation is to ascertain how old a school’s cars are. This is important because old cars are less safe than newer cars; bear in mind that driving school cars are used constantly and see much more wear and tear than most cars. For your driving school preparation, you should find a school that updates their cars every year or two.

How flexible are they?

Part of your driving school preparation should be to figure out whether each school offers both the Vehicle on the Road Test (VORT) as well as the Competency Based Test (CBT). You may have an idea of which one you are looking to do now, but you may change your mind. If you do change your mind, you need a driving that can teach effectively for both tests. Always ask before you book. Flexibility also applies to scheduling. You may be busy and may only be able to have lessons in the morning or evening, for example. Make sure each school you consider has a wide range of instructors to cater to your schedule, not theirs.

The main things to look out for when doing your driving school preparation is to make sure the school is reputable, flexible and has range of new (and safe) cars. Once you talk to them over the phone, you will get a sense of whether they are right for you.

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