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10 of the funniest reasons for failing your driving test

No Way?! 10 of the Most Gob-Smacking Reasons for Failing Your Driving Test

We all know, taking your driving test can be a bit of stress, and in some situations, even the most prepared can fail the first attempt. But wait! There’s more – At ASM we did a round-up of the 10 most, well, ‘Out-there’ reasons that caused learners to fail their driving test.


1. Travelling on the wrong side of the road

Hitting the wrong side of the road as soon as you leave the test centre then telling your examiner you just got back from the US. Nice one!


2. Patiently waiting for parked cars

Patiently stuck in heavy traffic? No! More like patiently waiting behind a row of – parked cars. Doh! For 7 minutes. Double Doh!


3. The cute motorcyclist distraction

Distracted by a cute motorcyclist who was so magnetic, the car headed straight for them. Excuse – bad eyesight! Not sure which is worse??


4. Left, right confusion

Turning left when you’re told to turn right (twice) then telling your examiner a teensy fib along the lines of – you suffer from the neurological disorder ‘left-right confusion’ – Brilliant!


5. Zebra crossing camouflage

Edging onto a zebra crossing a little too far and giving a pedestrian a gentle bump. You tell the examiner it’s not a Biggy because he’s not hurt and it’s not your fault anyway because his clothes made him blend in with the stripes. Shameful!


6. Not One Direction, WRONG direction

The old, going the wrong direction up a one-way street then blaming your examiner for distracting you, trick. Get - Out!!


7. Wired on energy drinks

Keeping the edge for your school final exams with a good supply of energy drinks, and having your driving test scheduled at the same time? Not a good idea, especially when you show up to the driving test like a Mexican jumping bean and with a totally sponged mind! Note to self – ‘must schedule driving test at a stress-free time after plenty of sleep!’


8. Movie Madness

Zooming gracefully in and out of traffic as you pass cars like a professional stunt driver? No! Not a good idea to take extra driving lessons from the ‘Expendables’ or ‘Transporter’ movies before the big driving test! *N.B - Real life not like movies!


9. Not geared for sound

Failing your manual drivers test because you – now let’s get this straight – you grew up with automatics, and you’re not used to the sound manual gears make? Hmmmm! We looked up the ‘good excuse manual’, and that’s definitely not in there!


10. My dad’s fault

You dear old dad (driving instructor) learned to drive in a completely different decade, and the way he lovingly taught you, isn’t quite the official way we drive today? But we bet you’re an awesome driver though right?

Yes! In case you’re wondering, these really are based on real-life events. But on a slightly more serious note, it’s probably a good idea to get off on the right foot and to learn to drive the right way, so you don’t have to unlearn any bad habits.

Taking professional driving lessons, will ensure you get up-to-date training from professionals who know what it takes to pass your driving test, and secure that highly prized driver’s license. Mum and dad, of course, are the all-important support team who give you all that valued extra road time, so you can hone your driving skills even further.   

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